Winter White

I love winter so much I decided to do a show featuring the season, with snow and without.

Here is a series of small sketches, none larger than 12" x 12", inspired by winter in pastel, watercolor, pencil and pen and ink from the trails to the backyard, completed en plein air and indoors—often standing on my deck or sitting in the front seat of the car—illuminated by the stark light of winter. Many of them show various textured surfaces and a variety of lines and styles; these small sketches were just as much experiments with materials and styles as they were attempts to capture the essence of a winter scene.

The headings will tell you how I categorized them. Enjoy the footnotes about my inspirations and the sites where the scenes are.

This show was hosted by United Cerebral Palsy's Centre Avenue Gallery in February, 2004.

Some of the originals are still available, priced as noted, and I have made prints or notecards can be made from all the images.


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Whoever said that winter was just brown and gray wasn’t seeing the same world I do. Whether I’m walking the trails, driving down a back road or just looking out the window, the colors of winter are a constant inspiration. Snow reflects any color depending on the angle of view and time of day, and even without snow the landscape is rich with the colors of jewels. Even interiors are different as the leafless trees admit more light and the sun, at its lower winter angle, fills rooms with clear, stark light.

Panhandle Outbound

pastel, 6" x 6", sold

Panhandle Trail, Collier Township

foot of snow, 10 degrees, January, all alone on the trail

Panhandle Inbound

pastel, 6" x 6", sold

Panhandle Trail, Collier Township

same day, on the way home

Winter Colors

pastel, 7" x 5", $50.00

Chartiers Creek, Carnegie-Rosslyn Farms in late November, not quite winter but feeling so, yet the honeysuckle berries are bright in the sun and all the rushes, grasses and brambles bear a soft warmth.

framed pastel painting


pastel, 6" x 6", sold

Chartiers Creek, Carnegie

local trails

Along with Panhandle, above, wandering the woods across the hills, tracking along streams, and following railroad tracks through the valleys are some of my favorite afternoon walks.

Bell's Run

pastel, 6" x 6", sold


snow and shadows and trees and reflections

Walking the Tracks

pastel, 6" x 6", sold


Scott's Run Road

pastel, 10" x 8", $50.00

Collier Township

pastel painting of back roadframe corner

old farms

I was once quite surrounded by working farms and retired farms with interesting rustic buildings and houses, hillside pastures of waving grasses, old apple orchards and simply quiet open space; now these have been turned to neighborhoods. I managed to capture a few before they disappeared.


pastel, 6" x 6", sold

Ewing Road, Collier Township, the last few trees on an old Christmas tree farm, now gone with houses built on the land

The moment when the sun stands still,
as it seemed to at this frigid, snow-covered
winter dusk,
spruces standing dignified sentinel
to the moment
of transition.

(This is another of those beautiful places that isn’t there anymore.)


pastel, 8" x 8", $200.00

Settler's Cabin Park, Robinson Township, the site of one of the original farmhouses, and the overgrown field with the tracks still clear in the grass

pastel painting of frost

After the Snow Squall

pastel, 10" x 8", $75.00

Ewing Road, Collier Township, a cool old barn at the edge of an old Christmas tree farm

Evening Farm

pastel, 10" x 8", $50.00

Ewing Road, Collier Township, the lovely open hillside that once was a pasture

avian visitors

I feed the birds in several feeders around my back yard, photographing them as they flutter and fly around and occasionally with the opportunity to sketch though it's difficult with all that movement.

Birds in Snow

pastel, 7" x 10", sold


my front yard; watching the birds at the feeders is like watching waves on the beach

Jammin Jay Blues

pastel, 6" x 6", sold

my back yard, the blue jays making noise in the mulberry


pastel, 6" x 6", sold

my back yard, a little junco in a snowstorm


pastel, 6" x 13", sold


my back yard, a cardinal bright in the snowy branches

local parks

Even the small local parks offer interesting vistas.


pastel, 5" x 7", sold


Settler's Cabin Park, Robinson Township


pastel, 5" x 7", sold

Settler's Cabin Park, Robinson Township

Remnants of an old farm

The First Shadows of Evening

watercolor, 7" x 5", sold

Carnegie Park

Hills at Dusk

pastel, 13" x 6", sold

Stream in the Snow

pastel, 5" x 6", sold

A Walk in Frick Park

pastel, 6" x 8", NFS

You just never know where you'll find art.


The stark angled sunlight of winter fills our rooms as well.

Rehearsal Hall

pastel, 6" x 6", sold

Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall, now called the Reception Hall

Winter Window

pastel, 8" x 8", sold

Kelly at my side window, my little cat in the stark pastel light of a winter afternoon looking out at the big winter outdoors

Afternoon Nap

pastel, 6" x 6", NFS, prints available

Stanley on my bed

An old cat, a gentleman,
he has found a quiet spot, upstairs in the afternoon,
and has so perfectly placed himself a little off-center
on the expanse of white bedspread,
illuminated by stark winter light
through the window.
(Stanley finds all the best places.)


Snow falls on everything in winter, and the bare trees reveal scenes we've not seen.

On the Edge

pastel, 6" x 6", $50.00

Carnegie hillside

Snow in the Alley

pastel, 5" x 7", sold



Barrett Way, Carnegie

Snow Shower

pastel, 5" x 7", sold



Third and Third, Carnegie

The Shortest Day

pastel, 6" x 6", sold


house up the street, a scene I see from my desk every day

Night Window

pastel, 5" x 7", $35.00

house across the way, a scene I see from my kitchen window

in the backyard

Paintings of little scenes in the snow.

The Fallen Branch

watercolor, 5" x 7", $50.00

back yard

certain shades of blue watercolor are impossible to scan

Colorful Shadows

watercolor, 6" x 4", $50.00

back yard

Gentle Shadows

watercolor, 6" x 8", $50.00

back yard

Set Pricing on the Three Paintings Above

They aren't framed alike but are alike enough in content and style that they make a nice grouping.
The Fallen Branch, Colorful Shadows and Gentle Shadows, three for $100.00.

Morning Snow 2

pastel, 8" x 8", $300.00

back yard next door

Morning Snow 1

pastel, 8" x 8", $300.00

next door, other side

Set Pricing on the Two Paintings Above

Morning Snow 1 and 2 are available as a set for $500.00.

Winter Cherry Tree

pastel, 8" x 10", $75.00

outside my studio window


pastel, 8" x 8", $75.00

outside my front window

Standing Trees

pastel, 6" x 6", $50.00

my neighbor's back yard from my deck

pencil, ink and charcoal

All are from my little sketchbook, all done en plein air from the woods to my chair at my desk, looking out the window.

Light Woods

pen and ink, 7" x 5", sold

Settler's Cabin Park, Robinson Township

Tree Study

pencil, 5" x 7", sold


outside my studio window, same cherry tree

The Sentinel

charcoal, 5" x 7", sold


tree at Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall

The Path of the Elves

charcoal, 5" x 7", sold


tree at Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall

(Treebeard the Ent)

Creek Study in Snow

charcoal, 7" x 5", sold

my private beach, Carnegie

The Wrought Iron Fence

pen and ink, 5" x 7", sold


Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall

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