visual design

I love what I do, enough that I risked leaving a regular old day job and all its security to work in this field independently. I've got nearly 25 years of experience in creating instruments of communication--brochures, advertisements, logos, and recently web pages and electronic communications. • Combining my degree in English with my education and experience in graphic design and fine art, I can edit or compose any text necessary for your design. • With experience as a fine artist in all types of media, I can also create spot drawings and full-page illustrations both electronically and in the old-fashioned way, in pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, colored pencil and pastel, as well as retouch and manipulate photos for reproduction. • I have a rather extensive bank of my own photos for use in designs as well. In addition, I can coordinate the printing and delivery for publications. • I am well-versed in preparing files according to various printer specifications and have successfully sent many a happy file to a printer for reproduction from my PC-based system. . Please browse by product or by customer, and be sure to read my customer's recommendations.