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everything is beautiful | photography by bernadette e kazmarski

Professional and Stock Photography

My photos are available for sale as prints or as digital files to designers, most of them for $25.00 each regardless of size; it makes accounting so much easier.

Old Barn Sunset

For more photos and text, visit my Today blog. These images and more are available as prints and notecards.

Don't Miss: A Father's Day Drama

I encountered a little killdeer family on the Panhandle Trail on Sunday, Father's Day. It's amusing to imagine the dialogue behind the little avian drama—which had a happy ending. To read about the incident, visit my Today blog. These images and more are available as prints and notecards.

Two new photo exhibits at Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall

These exhibits can be seen in the Reception hall, second floor.
Of Harps and Fig Leaves, photographs of Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall
Carnegie Photographed, my favorite images from my rambles about Carnegie

Other new galleries include:

My Sister's Daisies
Panhandle Nature Walk, Mid-May
Panhandle Trail, McDonald to Walker's Mill, Mid-June
May-June Wildflowers of the Lower Chartiers Watershed
Winter Leftovers
Carnegie's Main Street in Spring
Memorial Day in Chartiers Cemetery
Carnegie's Memorial Day Parade
The NewLanders

It all started with a Pentax K1000

I purchased my first Pentax K1000 in 1983 and began photographing in black and white. I've been hooked ever since carrying that poor thing with me everywhere, purchasing new lenses and gadgets now and then. I never really had the time to sit down and study photography, but those years of slow, diligent experimentation and studying the results were the best way for me to learn how to take a picture.

I had been photographing mostly for images to paint later in my studio, but I'm also a graphic designer and once the world started publishing everything in living color sometime in the mid-90s, I realized I had images that in some categories were as good as the ones I was purchasing at a pretty steep price.

I have years worth of negatives to scan, and I've still got that Pentax K1000, but now I've moved to digital and displaying photos is so streamlined. Ihope you've enjoyed browsing, and stop back soon to see the newest photos.

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